Henry and Polly High

They lived in the Manor Farm Cottage

Henry's second son Jimmy wrote this of his father:

Henry and Polly High - a handsome couple

y father was the eldest son of a family of sixteen, and his parents were of humble descent. As is only natural with such a family, they suffered a great deal of privation. Some characteristics of my father must now be related. He had no schooling during his boyhood, although in later life he taught himself to read. He was a local preacher of the Methodist chapel, often very much in demand. He had a nice suave manner, enabling him to mix with rich and poor alike. Mother (Mary) came from the same humble stock, she had to support her parents as her father was an invalid.



Later in life they lived in the Manor House (see the Manor House page)
here on the left they pose with their grown up family

from the top left:
Jack, Ethel, Tom, Polly, Henry and eldest daughter Emma. (middle son Jimmy is not in this photo)


Polly and Henry's Golden Wedding at the Manor House
Henry and Polly High's Golden Wedding group at the Manor c 1925
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