Jimmy High in his later years  in his forge with Obadiah Sadler his assistant
Jimmy High
in his forge

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James Henry (Jimmy)  High

second son of Henry and Polly High, of Cross Street Salthouse

Laura High

This is Laura, one of Jimmy's daughters

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family group 1892

The young family of Henry High 1892
© Jim Radley Collection

Left to right:  
Jimmy High, his mother Polly, Polly's mother Mrs Geary, Ethel High, Tom High, their father Henry High, and youngest brother Jack on the stool.

Jimmy was 11 when he left school, having been there just five years.
In his autobiography, he says this of his master at Kelling School:

"I had made up my mind when I left school and grew to be a man, that if ever I met my old school master I would cane him in the same way as he had inflicted unjust punishment on me. Sometimes he had beaten me until the blood flowed.

I used to try to please him and had often gone to the heath cutting bracken in my dinner hour for his use. he would still cane me about five minutes after school had resumed.

He was to my mind the most terrible man I had ever met."

drawing by Gill Coleman

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