These transcriptions from the early Salthouse Parish Registers were made by Commander Frank Stagg in the 1930s when they were still in good condition, before they were mistakenly buried in the churchyard to save them from being damaged by bombing during the 1939-45 war. To see pictures of their present state in the Norfolk Record Office, click here

Extracts from the Salthouse Registers in the Sixteenth Century


30th year of Henry VIII (1538)

Thomas Thorneton and Anne his wife, 29 January
William Stanforth and Emme his wife, 12 November
William Unthanke and Rose his wife, 25 November

31st year of Henry VIII (1539)

Robert Parr and Margery his wife, 4 January
Richard Marr and Alice his wife, last of April
George Parr and Alice his wife, 10 November
Richard Hunte and Alice his wife, 11 November

32nd year of Henry VIII (1540)

Henry Stubb and Katerine his weif, 25 November
William Parsonne and Agnes his weif, 24 January
Robt Jamys and Johanne his weif, 20 August

33rd year of Henry VIII (1541)

Cutbert (?) and Isabel his weif, 20 January
Thomas Allen and Alice his weif, 24 January
Edwarde Saunders and Christian Stabell, 25 October
Reynolde Andeley and Margaret his weif, 12 November
Richard Tucke and Elizabeth Parre, 27 November

34th year of Henry VIII (1542)

William Burne and Alice his weif, 20 January
Robert Standforth and Margaret 6 August
Robt Starburgh and Katerine, 3 September
Robt Howsgoe and Johanne his wife, 9 September




35th year of Henry VIII (1543)

Robt Trumpe and Johanne his wife, 9 June
Wm Bredcocke and Margaret, 27 September

36th year of Henry VIII (1544)


37th year of Henry VIII (1545)

Robt Goene and Johanne his wife, 15 November
Godfrey Nicholls and Johanne, 21 November

38th year of Henry VIII (1546)

Andrew Nicholls and Johanne, 8 November

1st year of Edward VI (1547)

Robert Boge and Johanne his wief, 6 November
James Magnus and Margaret his wife, 13 Nov
George Cotton and Johanne, 21 January

2nd year of Edward VI (1548)

Thomas Cumplyn and Johanne his wife, 18 Nov

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A note from Frank Stagg, who compiled this list in 1930, says "This ends the first sheet of the Marriage Register"

In the Middle Ages documents were dated not by calendar years but by regnal years, starting from the time that the monarch ascended the throne. Thus, a document of the third year of Henry VI, would be shown as such. In later records the Anno Domini year either replaced the regnal year or was given in addition to it. The calendar years have been added here in brackets. Before the introduction of the Gregorian calendar (which we did not accept until 1752), the inaccurate Julian calendar—dating from the time of Julius Caesar—was in force in England. The year began on Lady Day, 25 March, yet Margaret Jamyss, born on 28 March, was listed at the end of the year 1546 (above). The then rector of Salthouse, Stephen Prowet, may have been observing Old Lady Day (6 April) as the beginning of his calendar year.

Even today old customs die hard; one of our present-day dates, the starting of the official financial year on 6th April, is a survival of the Old System.

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