Jasper Woodhouse


circa 1921
Jasper Woodhouse a
Pig-minder aged two.
He was the son of
Alice, the daughter
of Tom and Bessie Woodhouse.

Jasper remembers:
when he was a Bakers boy in the early 1930s

 "I didn’t work all the time, till I left school. Mr Holmes delivered round Cley and Wiveton in a van, and I used to bike home from school and take the bread up Cross Street every dinner time, but sometimes I used to work all night. I soon learnt how to do it: we used to have big troughs on the floor, and there was one in the middle where he used to make it all. He used to put 10 stone of flour, three big parts of water, four ounces of yeast and 1lb of salt. Sometimes we forgot to put the salt in, and that went hard. It used to lay all night. There would be flour bags all around the troughs on the floor and sometimes when we came back it had ris up and pushed the lid up and some of it laid on these bags. That used to be a job!

In the morning we’d cut it off with a trowel, put it on the table, and weigh it all off (when I was out on the round I used to get stopped by the inspector sometimes to see whether that was the proper weight of loaves), three-quarters of an hour in the oven: we’d fill all the bread tins up and put them all in the oven till it was full.
The faggots took about 10-15 minutes to burn, old smoke used to come out of the chimney! When the bricks all round the oven turned white, that’s when the oven was hot enough, and then we had to clean the ashes out. We had a long pole with a chain and a sack on the end of it and we used to go down to the dyke—‘the Crick ‘ we call it—and put it in the water and wet it all, then bring it back and clean the ashes out with it. There was only about a dustpan of ashes left."
[The above, is a bit from the book: 'Salthouse the Story of a Norfolk Village']

Above The Bake house and the Dolls House when Jasper worked there
as a boy  for Mr Holmes who was the baker then,

The  Bake house, now called 'the Old Bakery', and the Dolls House today.

Jasper at Lenwade
Concrete works,
making bridges for motorways,
c 1951.


Jasper on the green at Salthouse when he was working for Mr Coulson, the last Baker to work the bakery in Salthouse. At the time this picture was taken Jasper was delivering bread in an electric bread cart from Cley,  for Mr Coulson who moved there.

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